Eligibility For Purchase Of Car Througt CSD

1.    Due to govt budgetary constraints, the present system of according spl sanction for purchase of cars through CSD is to be monitored/controlled  by  DDG CS/QMG Branch as hither-to-for.Special sanction has to be obtained from controlling section before processing the documents with CSD Depot for purchase of car.

2.     The following entitled personnel can avail the above CSD facility :-

  1. EC Commissioned officers with less than 5 years service with sanction from QMG branch.
  2. Short service commissioned officers, who are authorized canteen facilities,with five years or more service
  3. Equivalent status civilian officers/officers of CSD who are authorized canteen facilities. (Only in Southern states)
  4. One of the parents of deceased or missing officers from border (Letter from Govt. of India (Ministry of Defence) is  the valid authority in this regard)
  5. All GREF and Coastal Guard Officers
  6. Widows of defence service officers, who are authorized canteen facilities, are eligible to purchase cars    from Punjab, Haryana and Ramgarh,
  7. All  serving commissioned officers, JCOs and OR and retired officers/ ex-servicemen..

3.         An entitled person based on his purchased power will be entitled to purchase car after the    stipulated time period and capacity as mentioned below :-

            (a)       Officers (Incl Retd)                                               - 4 yrs and upto 2500CC.

            (b)      Hony Commissioned JCOs/Eqvlt (Incl Retd)          - 7 yrs and upto 1400CC.

            (c)      JCOs/OR & Eqvl (Incl Retd)                                    - Once in service (minimum 15 yrs service mandatory), once after  retirement and upto 1400CC.

4.         Priority for purchase of another car is also taken into account while considering request for grant of spl sanction :-

            (a)       Priority I          - More than 10 yrs ago.

            (b)       Priority II         - Last 5 yrs & upto 10 yrs.

            (c)       Priority III       - Within 5 yrs.

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